The tech guru celebrity seems to have some legal batters. “The DMV is notoriously press-shy when it comes to controversy, but after being sued by Katalyst last month, it had no choice but to go public with a response to Katalyst’s $1.44 million claims of breach of contract and promissory estoppel.” For Full Article: Click [...]

Negotiating business on-line is now more popular than ever and although Social Media is on the rise in terms of marketing, having a registered website still remains integral since it serves as a virtual “Business Card” to any and all potential customers, clients and partners. Initially creating a website can sometimes prove to be a [...]

There are 955 million people in this world with Facebook accounts, and they collectively poured $1.18 billion into Zuck & Co.’s coffers these last three months. Which, hey, not a bad welcome to Wall Street! For Full Article: Click Here

Yesterday’s Olympic opening ceremony was a hallucinatory ode to western history, questionable British music, a giant baby, David Beckham’s body, and—amid the athletic sprawl—one of the greatest geeks of all time. For Full Article: Click Here

Thank goodness for common sense. Paul Chambers, the man who joked he would blow-up an airport if it didn’t get its act together and actually work properly, has been cleared of his conviction from back in 2010 by the High Court in London. Obvious-Twitter-joking can now recommence. For Full Article: Click Here

Search engine optimization professionals have employed various techniques ranging from statistical analysis of sample sites to interviewing past employees to find an answer and based on that guessed the signals to the best of their judgement. For Full Article: Click Here

Our readers in Canada will surely recognize Jon Montgomery. After all, he became the “poster boy” for Canadian pride when he chugged a pitcher of beer while walking through the streets of Whistler following his Gold Medal performance in the Men’s Skeleton event during the 2010 Winter Olympics. For Full Article: Click Here

A Californian federal judge has sanctioned Samsung for destroying evidence which makes up part of a case it’s fighting against Apple over patent infringement. Naughty, Samsung. For Full Article: Click Here

The alcohol industry has been no stranger to the use of social media to promote its products and has recently recognized its potential to influence minors. For Full Article: Click Here

YouTube recently unveiled a new face blurring tool that lets users choose to conceal every face in a video they have uploaded. This is a commendable step towards fostering anonymous speech on the Internet. Activists around the world rely on being able to speak freely through online media, including video, while hiding their own identities for [...]