This article in Entrepreneur online by Geri Stengel looks at the challenges faced by any entity wanting to conduct an Equity Crowdfunding campaign. The cost of the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) is given as an example of the high cost of disclosure documents – $35,000 to $100,000 – depending on the company and offer. With the passing of [...]

The Crowdfunding industry is waiting on pins and needles for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) vote that is taking place today. The historic vote will finally open the door for unaccredited investors to invest directly in companies – securing equity for their investment. The Crowdfunding industry has been waiting for three years for the [...]

Business Leaders in Michigan’s website makes note of Michigan’s ranking in a recent Entrepreneur Report, “10 Best States For Starting A Business.” The Entrepreneur article notes that states are promoting their mentorship programs and actively ‘pumping up’ their tech workforce to be attractive to entrepreneurs and new business. While Michigan is not in the top [...]

“The key thing about entrepreneurial people is not that they‘re bigger risk-takers, it’s that they have more comfort in uncertain situations.” Charley Moore founder Rocket Lawyer. We agree with Charley Moore, uncertainty is key with entrepreneurs. This article in Forbes penned by Adriana Gardella entitled, The Secret Of Lawyers-Turned-Entrepreneurs? shares the secrets of three very successful [...]

Having an attorney familiar with the inner workings of entrepreneurs has proven an asset for my start up and early stage clients. I always felt that the critical thinking taught in Law School helped me as an entrepreneur and as a counselor to other entrepreneurs. This article, How Thinking Like a Lawyer Made Me a [...]

I run. I run a lot. It helps me get in the ‘zone’ to be able to focus and think about things and to push myself – mentally and physically. But when my feet hurt it makes the purpose behind my running take a back seat. I was asked to try out Airia One shoes [...]

An  article in Crain’s Detroit Business is very informative for any small business. Our experience has been that small businesses don’t consult an attorney until there is a problem. Mark S. Lee’s interview with Detroit-based attorney Jehan Crump-Gibson offers insights for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Remember to consult your attorney when setting up your [...]

Patent trolling is a relatively new way for a company to make money off of the infringement of others. Patent Trolls, or patent assertion entities (PAEs) are companies whose business model is to buy up commonly used patents and ‘troll’ looking for companies using the patent to file infringement suits. Usually, the sole purpose of [...]

Is Dumb Starbucks infringing on Starbucks’ Trademark? The recent controversy over the use of the name Starbucks, by Dumb Starbucks in L.A. or more notoriously the parody Dumb Starbucks, is a lesson in caution for all of us. Ordinarily, an unauthorized use of a trademark infringes the trademark holder’s rights if it is likely to [...]

There are four different categories of terms with respect to trademarks. Arrayed in an ascending order, which roughly reflects their eligibility to trademark status and the degree of protection accorded, these classes are: generic, descriptive, suggestive, and arbitrary or fanciful and it should be noted that the lines of demarcation are not always clear. Generic [...]