INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW Creative Commons Policy Statement Supports Real Copyright Reform Creative Commons, the non-profit best known for its copyright licenses that allow creators to voluntarily waive certain automatically-granted exclusive rights, has released a powerful new policy statement supporting fundamental copyright reform around the globe. This statement works to counter any argument that simply having [...]

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW When Startups Seek Patent Trolls as Saviors, the System Has Failed It turns out two tech startups have banded together with patent trolls in order to fight off insane instances of patent assertion. While this sentence may cause you to do a double take, it’s sadly true. In the face of costly, [...]

DIGITAL LAW Get Organized: Evernote Business Ah, common office frustrations. There’s the back-and-forth messaging between employees for triple-confirmation, the sharing and re-sharing of lost Google Docs, and those long and confusing email threads that never seem to die. But imagine how efficient your workplace would be if everyone — designers, marketers, C-suiters, salespeople — had [...]

Mashable recently posted a list of 9 Key Items that most businesses can miss in their social media strategy. Each one was provided by an expert in their own right. While some items may seem trivial or like common sense, curator Gerber makes a great point: “The devil’s in the details when it comes to [...]

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW Tesla vs. Local Car Dealers: White House Petition Nears Deadline Tesla sells its electric cars directly to customers, but car dealers in many states in the U.S. don’t want to face the competition of direct sales of new cars. This is a crucial issue for Tesla, whose business model depends on direct [...]

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY  The White House Takes Aim at Patent Trolls Frustration with patent trolls, and momentum for reform, has been building for some time now. Today, the stakes got even higher when the White House announced that it was actively taking on the troll problem. This is big news, and not just because of the [...]

    Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, just bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion dollars and promised not to “screw it up.” Yahoo thinks that the purchase is going to attract younger crowds to their webpage who prefer Google or Bing.   Mayer mentioned that the acquisition would be different than Google buying YouTube in that Yahoo [...]

The Associated Press’s hacked Twitter account rocked the stock market, and leaves people wondering “what are the consequences of something like this?” Social media’s stronghold on our society is no more apparent than the 145-point drop that the DOW took after the titled fraudulent message was posted online. The Syrian Electronic Army took immediate responsibility [...]

The world’s biggest search engine is being bombarded with copyright infringement claims. Under statute, as a service provider, Google and similar search engines are not liable against infringement claims if they   (1) Are a “service provider” as defined by statute (2) Adopted and reasonably implemented a policy for the termination in appropriate circumstances of [...]

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY What People Think About IP Though the success of intellectual property law depends upon its ability to affect human perception and behavior, the public psychology of intellectual property has barely been explored. Over 1700 U.S. adults took part in an experimental study designed to investigate popular conceptions of intellectual property rights. Respondents’ views [...]